Research4Life is the collective name for the four programmes HINARI, AGORA, OARE and ARDI – that provides developing countries with free or low cost access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content online. These four platforms are protected through specific user name and password. To use the resources from these platform, please physically visit the library or contact @ 711064 or 01718-140063.

AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) : An outstanding digital library collection of up to 6,100 key journals and 5,800 books in the fields of food, agriculture, environmental science and related social sciences. To access AGORA please visit

HINARI (Health Internetwork Access to Research Initiative) : One of the world's largest full text online collections of biomedical literature consisting of 15,000 journals (in 30 different languages), up to 47,000 e-books, up to 100 other information resources published by the leading publishers in the world. To access HINARI, please visit

OARE (Online Access to Research in the Environment) : A database of 5710 peer reviewed journals and 1119 online books of environmental science, including biotechnology, biology, ecology, energy, geography, geology, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, urban planning etc. To begin a OARE session, got to

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) aRDi Program : The Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI) program is coordinated by WIPO together with its partners in the publishing industry with the aim to increase the availability of scientific and technical information in developing countries.
Currently, it offers around 20,000 journals, books, and reference materials through ARDI. To access WIPO aRDi please visit